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We help you get the job you want, not the job you need. What you need is not always what you want, and more often than not, we stick with necessities and work just to pay bills. But we want to help you work to live, and build a career that you will enjoy every day!

We can help you identify what you want, and support you to build a roadmap to how you can achieve it. Build yourself a better future and a more fulfilling career!

Career Clarity

Career Coaching

Guidance and focused plan of action. Working through the stages of the job-hunting journey. Building Courage, confidence, talking through choices. Helping you unravel the complexities of job hunting. Shaping your CV, sharpening your skills, extracting key achievements and experiences. Opening your network and taking action in key areas to significantly improve your chances of landing a great role. In no time at all your confidence grows, your success rate from application to interview increases and the job offers you want are within reach.

Edworkation works with you to make the job-hunting experience easier and clearer. We provide confidence building, ways in which you can enhance your CV and help you get to the top of the CV pile. If your job search is going nowhere, are you are getting increasingly frustrated and stressed about your future. Whether you’re craving something new, need direction and clarity in your current career or just feel like you need a change in work. If you find that you are just not that into your job, book a free no obligation 20min discovery chat HERE.

B.E.G.I.N. Programme

Onboarding Programme

Finding a job is one thing.  Keeping that job has its own challenges.  Its like starting high school all over again.  Lots of new and different things to learn.  New people to get to know.  As well as being an exciting time its also a little bit uncertain and nerve wrecking.  This is where you prove everything you talked about in your job interview.

Edworkation supports your onboarding process, making the start of your journey confident, impactful, and ultimately sustainable. There might not be such thing as a job for life anymore, but you do want to make the best use of this experience.  You want to learn.  You want to make a difference and you want to do a great job.  Edworkation gives you a strong foundation to get you started and keep going beyond your probation.  23% of new hires leave within the 1st year and already looking for another role within 6 months.  Get the BEGIN program and secure your work future. We help you make the best impression, and transition into your new role with ease.

Knowing me knowing you

Personality Profiling Service

We are complex human beings and the workplace is full of lots of different personalities. Personality profiling is a useful and proven way to help managers manage and lead better. Understanding their team dynamics to make collaboration easier and work rates better. Personality profiling can be used in a number of different ways depending on the circumstances and the aims of the business.

At Edworkation, we use DiSC profiling. This is one of the most popular profiling tools on the market. Used in over 70 countries and 130,000 organisations worldwide. DiSC profiling has a satisfaction rating of 95% amongst its users, with a 90% accuracy score. It’s a tool to help your people uncover their potential, help your managers understand the potential of their teams, support your teams communication and collaboration and reduce the conflict that might be happening within teams or departments. Addressing any of these areas will improve and enhance the productivity and development of your business. For more information about what how this can help your business get in touch HERE.

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